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Elliott and Sue want to thank DB for bringing us together.

For the past week, we have been inseperable and we are looking to a bright and successful future together!

We were 'both' skeptical that an online dating site could assist in finding our life partner but it really does work and we are exremely excited about sharing every new experience together :)

We would both recommend this site to anyone who is tired of the traditional 'bar' scene.

Cheers Again!

- Elliot and Sue

Free dating site

"I've registered with so many dating sites I've lost count, but this is the first one I've liked. I've only found one free dating site and it was just plain hard to use. Every other site claimed to be free but wasn't. Finally a truly free site that actually does what I want."

- Jonas

"I joined DatingBetter.com and found the website was very easy to use. I never did anything like online dating before, but I always found meeting new singles a pain because I never had time and had difficulty in person. DatingBetter.com made it easy to meet singles on my own time and with less stress.

"I've met some really attractive and great girls whom I shared a lot in common with and went on several dates with. In fact, I met my current girlfriend on this site. I still come back to read the dating advice articles. Daniel Packard's articles are hilarious and great!

"My girlfriend and me are very grateful to DatingBeter.com because they made it easy for us to meet each other. How else would we have met?

"Thank you."

- Peter

Free online dating site

"Thank you DatingBetter.com for helping me find my soul mate. You made the process of finding someone special very easy and fun. I will recommend this site to all my friends."

- Daniel

"I had not tried online dating before and was pretty nervous when I decided to give it a try and sign up here, but as it turns out it was just fine! I don't know all that much about computers and internet, so that added to my anxiety, but again it turned out fine as everything was easy to use. I only got stuck one time when my photo wouldn't show up, and a tech support guy actually answered and solved my problem within an hour (I was trying to upload a file that wasn't a normal picture format).

"BTW, Daniel Packard really knew what he was talking about! I watched his (very funny) video and took his advice on writing a better profile and went from nothing to a new guy contacting me every day!

"Despite all my pre(mis!)conceptions about online dating, I've met someone wonderful here. Thank you!"

- Linda

Free dating

"You guys rock. I found the site one evening, signed up (thanks for keeping the signup process quick) and was talking to a chica the same evening. Now we've been seeing each other for weeks and no end in sight. Thanks!"

- E. Chan

"Being a single mom who works a lot I figured I'd try online dating with DatingBetter.com. I met the perfect person on this site. I never would have believed I would find my future husband; he proposed to me last month. He treats me like I'm a goddess and he treats my daughter like a princess. I just want to say that for those of you out there, who are still looking, keep up the hope and that person will come by. I least expected for my prince to come by, but it happened! The most wonderful things come when you least expect it. Good luck to everyone."

- Pamela

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