HeartofaKnight73: Non-drinker; non-smoker; non-religious

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Age: 27
Sign: Leo
Height: 5' 10"
Body type: Thin
Hair colour: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Religion: Non-religious
City: Oshawa, Ontario
Education: College or Trade
Profession: "Computer Guy"
Income: $35,000 and under
Has a car: No
Seeking a: Female
Looking for: Dating
Marital status: Single
Has children: No
Want children: No
Exercise: Seldom
Smokes: No
Drinks: No
Drugs: No

About me:
Values: Above all else, I'm looking for someone who shares similar values in life. I have a set of core values that I live by, which include intelligence, honesty/integrity/truth, purity/innocence, romance, and taking yourself/life seriously. What do each of these mean, and how do they apply to my life and what I'm looking for in another person? Let's break them down a bit...

1. Intelligence: Memory, knowledge, and high grades don't impress me. Thinking/understanding/reasoning are what I'm looking for in a person. What's important to me isn't what you've learned up to this point in your life, but your ability to understand new things as they come; figure things out quickly on your own; and make the right choices without the guidance of others. I like people who are quick learners, and never seem to fall behind. I need someone that I can trust to make the right decisions in their life; someone with a good sense of judgement who knows right from wrong. It's very important that they be someone level-headed and down-to-earth; someone reasonable that I can speak my mind around comfortably, knowing that they'll listen to sound logic and reason. I would really like to find a person where I can just feel at ease knowing that I don't have to worry about them doing anything stupid.

2. Honesty/Integrity/Truth: The only time that I would lie is to defend myself against someone that is obviously dangerous. At all other times, I believe in being honest with others, and not lying even if I know that it's not going to be what the other person wants to hear. It's always better to tell the truth, and to know the truth, than it is to shield yourself or others from it.

That's also a concept that needs to be briefly expanded upon, because it's important to me. When it comes to general truths about anything in the world, I would always rather know the truth, even if it's scary, or something that disproves what I've grown up believing for years, than to live in blissful ignorance. If I find out that something I've previously stood by is wrong, then I would rather admit my mistake and change sides to be in the right than I would be stubborn about it and reject the truth. I mention this only because I've met people in the past who would rather block everything out, because it's easier to live their lives not knowing anything than it is to have more to think and worry about, and I can't be in a relationship with someone who does that.

I also believe it's very important to be who you say you are, and not lie to yourself or be hypocritical. It's because of that belief that I've repeatedly come back to this profile to update anything that has changed in my way of thinking, so that it's always accurate to who I am in the present day. I have very few secrets to keep, and even those I'll be honest about when talking to someone that I fully trust. I don't believe in hiding anything from my partner, and I need someone that I can also trust in turn.

3. Purity/Innocence: I do not drink or smoke, I will never have piercings or tattoos, I'm saving both my first kiss, and other more personal firsts, for the day that I'm with the person that I know for sure I'm going to spend my life with. I don't enjoy dirty jokes, or media that contains nudity, and I consider both to be in bad taste. My eyes are for my future partner only, even before I've met her, and I intend to save myself for her. You have to be alright with the fact that it's going to take a lot of time, a strong bond between us, and a relationship with a very promising future, before I begin to open up about it. I would be very happy with someone who felt the same way on the matter.

I always dress with respect to myself. You'll not find a single picture of me with my shirt off, or wearing any kind of exposing clothing. Were I a female, I would cover up to avoid showing cleavage entirely, at all times, and I respect girls who respect themselves enough to do the same. So, be mindful of what sort of image you portray for yourself through your clothing before you message me.

I also try to avoid personally cursing as much as possible.

To summarize, I have no interest in dating people who smoke; drink; do any sort of drugs; have tattoos or piercings; curse excessively; wear skimpy/revealing clothing; or those who are too open with a certain private subject.

Purity and innocence are very important to me, and they are one of the first things that I look for in a person, along with intelligence. There is nothing more beautiful to me in this world than someone who is innocent and pure, and I hope to find someone else in this world who still holds these rare values alongside me in the modern day. You were born with the purity to meet everything listed above; only your own decisions in life will disqualify you from being what I'm looking for. I hope to someday find someone else who has held onto their innocence in the same way that I have.

4. Romance: My biggest goal in life is to meet my future partner, and work towards a financially-stable and well-planned future with them. I would be happiest spending all of my free time with them, and being able to do everything together. I'm not fond of people who need "alone time". There is nothing more painful to me than being alone, and I just feel like I'm suffocating when I'm not with someone that I care about. Nothing makes me happier than the thought of being able to look forward to each new day just because I got to spend it alongside my partner. I actively make myself available online and easy to find and talk to as often as I'm able to, and I put priority on spending time with the person who is most important to me over all other uses of my free time. Any time I'm nearby a computer, I am always actively listening for new messages from the people that I care about, and the moment that I do see them log on or say hello, my attention shifts to them. Games, movies, shows, and music all get paused and put off to the side immediately, because nothing takes higher priority in my life than my partner. I'm very protective of my partner, and always thinking of them in the time leading up to our next meeting. Some people may call it "clingy", but I just call it "actually caring." I enjoy being there for my partner when their day has been stressful and they need someone to talk to that they can trust. I like to be someone to them that they can lean on when they need the support from someone who won't let them fall. I'll always be there to cheer them up and remind them of how important they are to me, and how well-loved they are. You'll never have to face anything in this world alone again if you have me at your side. No matter what life's challenges, we would tackle them together. I would like to find someone who appreciates that, and feels similarly in return.

It would be great to have someone that I make a good team with in everything we do. I want someone that I can be a really cute couple with; cuddling, nuzzling, holding hands, supporting each-other, being there for one-another, talking about our feelings and about how much we mean to one-another, and just fully embracing the beauty of romance and love together. The most important thing in the world to me will be my partner, and I have lots of kind words, smiles, hugs, and so much more waiting to be shared with them, some day. I know what a lot of guys consider the end-goal of love to be, but for me, it's about creating new, beautiful memories together, and being able to make each-other smile, blush, or tear-up in happiness just from our words alone. It's about making the word "significant" truly mean something when thinking of your "significant other." We would show the world together that true, mutual love between two highly-compatible people who truly care for one-another grows stronger, not weaker, with years spent together. Connecting with someone deeply on an emotional level, and living each day happily because we're both living for each-other, and we've both put in the effort to make it a happy life for the two of us together, is what I strive for. This is the most important thing to me in my life, and the most defining part of who I am, what I look forward to, and what I think about in my day-to-day life. It is extremely important to me that my partner be someone who is also romantically-driven, and places strong importance on their partner in their own life.

I prefer to start out as friends while we get to know each-other, and see how well we get along together on a practical, day-to-day level, while also asking the important questions that help us gauge our long-term compatibility as potential partners. Let's create some good memories together as friends, first, and let feelings build naturally from those shared moments, until we can't hold in a confession of our feelings any longer, and we openly speak our hearts to one-another. Let's not rush into things, so that we can say that we did it all properly, and we both know that we don't want the days spent together to ever end; that we want to continue to be at each-other's side forever. Meeting through a dating site doesn't mean that we have to rob ourselves of those special moments that come with starting out as friends; becoming best friends; and eventually working up the courage to tell the other how we feel. I'm a person who remembers and treasures not only those special moments, but also all of the kind words spoken to me, and all of the things that a person has done to really show me that they care. I hope to create and share many such memories that we'll both never forget, and take our time making sure that we're both happy, and everything feels right.

Share with me every little thing that inspires you. Let's truly get to know each-other better than anyone else knows us. I truly feel that strongly bonding with, sharing my life with, and protecting the one dearest to me, is the purpose that I want my life to have, and I hope to find someone who wants as deep and meaningful a relationship as I do.

I still have so much to say on this topic, and I would love to talk about it more with the right person, some day.

5. Taking Yourself/Life Seriously: I'm a very serious person at heart. I don't like people who are childish and immature. I go to great lengths to avoid as many forms of preventable-death as possible. If my lifestyle choices keep me alive for even a day longer than I would have lived otherwise, then that's another day that I get to spend with my partner in the future, and that's very important to me. I take life; the people who are important to me; my values; and myself all very seriously.


1. I absolutely do not care for people who enjoy arguing or debates. Given the choice between someone that I agree with, and someone whom I find annoying, which one do you think I would rather spend my time with? I don't say anything unless I've done the research and I'm certain that I have backing for what is coming out of my mouth, and I become annoyed when people won't listen to logic, reason, and evidence; especially when they have none for their own case. I actively go out of my way to avoid starting conflicts with others, so if you are the type who enjoys beginning conflict, then I won't want to be near you. If we feel differently on something negotiable, then let's talk it out calmly and reach an agreement together, but no starting conflict just for the sake of debating.

2. I dislike "text-speak", such as "u" or "k" being substituted in for actual words. Please don't use it if you are going to write to me.

3. People who spout nothing but quotes really annoy me. It becomes tiresome to read the same ones over and over again, especially when there is no logic to a lot of the more common ones. No, not everyone is "going to hurt you", and life isn't about finding someone who will "hurt you the least"; that's dumb. I really don't like "sayings" any more than I do quotes, and for the same reasons.

4. I'm not a fan of politics.

5. I don't like people who hunt animals for sport.

6. I'm not religious or "spiritual", and I'm not looking for someone who is. I also don't hold any supernatural "beliefs", (karma, fate, "everything happening for a reason", etc), and I'm not looking for anyone who does.

7. I will not respond if your introductory message to me is a thoughtless message that just says "hi". When I find someone who interests me, I open the message in one tab, and go down their profile in another, talking about anything we have in common, and letting them know the things that I respect them for that made me want to message them in the first place. I'm not saying that you have to do that for my profile, but it would certainly impress me and grab my attention if you did. So, by comparison, I find thoughtless messages that are written with only one word or sentence to be fairly pathetic compared to the amount of effort that I would have put in, and if it feels like you don't even care enough that you actually want to talk to me, and get to know me as a person, then I'm not going to put as much into my reply to you, either. I put as much effort into my letters to people that I care about as I put into writing this profile. Tell me about the things that we have in common, and we'll take it from there. Just put some effort into introducing yourself. That's all I ask.

8. I would prefer not to own any pets.

9. I don't like people who are loud and obnoxious. I'm also not a fan of parties.

10. I have a strong dislike of pseudo-sciences, pseudo-intellectual nonsense, and generally anything pretentious.

11. I'm not a big fan of kids. I'm rather adamant in my decision to not have any of my own, and it's important to be aware of that.

12. I greatly dislike cosmetics, because all they do is ruin a person's natural beauty, and the chemicals that generally go into them are horrendous. Whether it's make-up, eye-liner, eye-shadow, lipstick, nail polish, or hair dye, people always look better without those products, and I greatly respect those who choose not to use them.

How I Like to Spend My Time: My favourite thing to do in general is just talk to and share my time with someone that I care about. Although my hobbies were once very important to me, I find myself much more invested in people than I am in any particular activity, these days. As I mentioned in an above paragraph, one thing that is very important to me in life are the shared moments and memories that we've created together. So, when it comes to finding something to do, I tend to gravitate towards any activities that are easily shared and can be made into something memorable and fun. I tend to enjoy activities that are quiet, peaceful, and all about just the two of us.

What's important to me isn't necessarily what we're doing, but whether we're both enjoying ourselves together. Whether we're sharing our favourite music, movies, shows, games, art, hobbies, things to do, or places to be, I'd like us to be able to share anything that inspires us with one-another, and enjoy it all together. Even if we chose to do something where one of us was more skilled or experienced than the other, I don't want to be above my partner and be better than them in what we do; I want them to be able to take my hand and walk along-side me. I'll always adjust my pace to match my partner's, because I want us to be able to learn and grow together, both in our hobbies, and as people. We'd always move forward together as a team. So, the simple answer to how I like to spend my time is "creating good memories together." Even if that meant cuddling all day long and talking about our feelings, I'm always at my happiest when I'm at my partner's side.

Fears: I have a fear of being the one behind the wheel of a car, so I've adapted to using bus routes to get around. I don't mind riding in cars, but driving one myself makes me feel very uneasy and nervous, and if I can't concentrate on the road, then I'd rather not put myself and others at risk.

Distance: I believe that it's entirely worth it to search the world globally in order to find the right person, and to not constrain myself to only meeting people who live locally. I'm willing to move nearly anywhere else in the world to be with the right person, as long as it's a nice place to live. I'm very willing to put in the effort to make a long-distance relationship work, if needed. With the right amount of planning, together we can bridge that distance some day.

Closing: I guess that's it. If we seem to share a lot in common, (the more, the better), then feel free to send me a message telling me about what we have in common to get me interested, and we can talk from there. The closer your values are to my own, the better we'll get along. Don't let shyness prevent you from contacting me if you feel that we connect really well, okay? I've been searching a long time to find the right person, and I would be happy to meet them while I'm still young.

My Interests & Hobbies:
Romance, Computers, Video Games

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